Help! My Hen Just Laid 2 Eggs in 1 Hour!


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Jul 7, 2016
Ok, I am officially stumped with my Speckled Sussex. Last week she laid an egg without a shell and today she laid 2 eggs.

She had just laid a normal egg and so afterwards I took her out and pet her for 1/2 an hour then afterwards she waddled back in the nesting box area and laid another egg! it's about 3/4 the size of a normal egg, how weird is that. Does my hen have a weird egg laying condition? last week after she had her shell-less egg she sat down and laid another egg.

I mean I was told they were a good egg laying breed but 2 eggs a day?

She's not even giving it her 100% with egg laying .She's 2 years old

Sounds like she doesn't have enough calcium in her diet. Mix in oyster shells, egg shells and grit into her food. Can you take a pic of her eggs?

Do not mix oyster shell and grit into the feed, provide it in separate containers.

@BoomChickaPop Also the food we give them has 17% more calcium than other feed.
17% percent more calcium?
What and how exactly are you feeding?
She's 2 years old, did you raise her from a chick or just get her?

More info on your flock and coop/run might help too.
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She was 5 days old when I got her and her twin sister died from an unknown disease last winter.We got our feed from beau peep farms where it advertised on the package it had more calcium.We feed her a lot of scraps and she loves to eat like any chicken would.She is perfectly healthy and has never had mites or any sickness in the past.One thing though, We have chicks in a smaller coop right above them. They cheep all the time and sometimes we bring them down to show to her. She's a very good mother hen is what I've been told. When I place an egg in front of her she tucks it under her and sits on it. We don't have a rooster but do you think she's having more eggs because of this?
It's odd for a 2 year old to lay multiple eggs in a day, hard to say why.
Could be the presence of the chicks kicking up the hormone levels.

It's good to know the level of protein and calcium in your feeds by reading the labels,
all feeds must be labeled with the percentages of several components,
and balancing that out with any other foods/scraps you give them.

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