Help! My leghorn is sick

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Jul 15, 2020
Hi everyone. Ive noticed my leghorn who Is about 6 months old has been acting strange. She has zero energy, and when she tries walking, she stumbles around. She lifts her head almost like she's gasping for air, and doesn't really want to eat . She has alot of clear drool that comes out of her break, and just wants to be in the sun laying down. We have separated her from the others, and I am just worried about her. Her comb never got to be as big as the others and is drooping to the side. Im not sure if that's another symptom of her sickness. Has anyone dealt with this before? Any tips?
It could be gapeworm.( I'm sorry I'm not experienced with this stuff,but my duck had this before and sadly died.So I will continue researching about this.)
Hope she gets better soon!
Sounds like she has a crop problem. If you cant smell a fermentated smell from her beak (sour crop), it would probably be an impacted crop.

If her comb is red and drooping, she is laying but she probably is low on the pecking order. If her comb is pink and small, she isn't laying.

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