Help my neighbors dog attacked my chicken!!!


Sep 23, 2021
Help! I pulled in my driveway and saw my neighbors dog (who has attacked/killed 2 of my chickens previously) in my yard! I jumped out of the car and got the dog away and I found my turkey laying on the ground barely breathing. I got him up and he’s breathing really fast. He has an open wound on the top of his wing and on his bottom where his tail feathers were pulled out. He’s really weak can barely walk and he limps when he does. Does anyone know how I can treat his wounds or any advice for this? I’m not sure what to do right now Mr. turkey is just standing there and isn’t moving much. Any help is appreciated thank you!

Crazy Maizie

Jul 3, 2020
Sorry to hear about your turkey.
Have you flushed the wounds to see if there are any puncture wounds? I'm sure he's dazed and stressed right now. Do you have him isolated?

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