Help my peeps are dying fast!!!


Mar 14, 2018
I have recently bought 8 peeps and 4 ducklings and all are kept in the same pen. They are at most 2 weeks old. I have had them for a week. They were doing great when i brought them home. They were very lively and ate and drank healthy. Then with in the past 2 days the peeps seemed a little off. When i got up this morning. 3 of the 8 peeps were dead and the other 5 on their way. They looked like their feathers got wet and rolled up. The ducks seem fine. I moved them to a new pen. I clean and change their food and water and bedding constantly to keep it clean. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this or what i can do to prevent this in the future??? Any help is greatly appreciated
Do you have heat on those chicks? And how deep is your water dish?
Dry off those wet chicks immediately and find a way to keep the chicks from getting dunked in the water, or from letting the ducklings track water all over the place.
Yes i have heat in them. They are in my garage. I have it to were inside the pen is around 70 degrees. My water pan is just a normal bird one you buy at the store. I dont think theyre actually getting wet. Thats just what there feathers look like after they pass. I also forgot to mention their feathers feel off. Theyre almost like a sticky/rough feeling.
Here is a picture of the 5 that are alive


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They look like they got wet. They look cold and unhappy. In your picture it looks like the shavings in the left corner are wet, and on the wall of the brooder behind them it looks like something ran down the walls. Maybe the ducklings flung water all over? I think you need to give them a bit more heat under the heat lamp if that's what you are using (I prefer heat plates), and they need to be dry. Wet, chilled chicks will quickly die. I would dump and change the shavings, dry everything out, make sure they have a place to adequately get warm (also room to get out of the heat so they can regulate as necessary), and make sure the water source is not one they can get wet in, chick waterers are normally pretty narrow and shallow, if yours is deep add marbles or rocks to make it shallow, you can also raise it up a bit. Change bedding as often as necessary to keep it dry. And as said before, keep the ducks separate. If you can get them dry and warm hopefully they will recover.
They might not be wet right now, but what everyone is saying is that they got wet. Their feathers dried like that. Clean them off and dry them with a a soft cloth. Gently. Their feathers need to be soft and fluffy to protect them. It needs to be warmer than 70, especially if they're under 2 weeks. New chicks need it around 90. I'm sure the ducklings are the cause of this, so definitely make sure to keep them apart from here on.

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