HELP! my poor little chick...


6 Years
Mar 8, 2013
I just checked on my broody hen and her two chicks before I went to bed, and noticed the hen pecking at one of the chicks underneath her. I moved the hen and the chick was glued to the hens breast feathers by her neck with a tiny bit of poo!! I tried to hold them together and get my husband to help, but the hen was flapping hard ripping the chick free! Now the chick has a tare in her chest, its not bleeding but I can see the muscles/tissue in her neck! Will she be ok? I dont understand why the hen is allowing them to poo in her breast feathers (after checking her over there was more poo) my other broody, a brahma took her chicks out of the nest to poo! Anyway will she be ok or is there anything I can to to make her more comfortable?
Not the same situation, but I had an injured hen..the roo tore her up pretty bad. Kept her clean and put bacitracin ointment on her wounds. It took a while, but she eventually scabbed over and her feathers have come back in. Hope this helps.
Any sort of tripple antibiotic should help. Keep her out of dust.. no hay, shaving, ect. Try newspaper or a towel. Keep her warm and comfy. As long as she isn't bleeding you just need to avoid infection.
Thank you :) shes pottering around fine, I just worry it will happen again. All the hen seems to do is literally sit on them...I thought silkies were the best broodys! I have baytril or tylan what do you think would be best?

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