Help my rooster started making strange noises this morning.. no other signs


6 Years
Sep 2, 2013
Hi guys, I am new to posting on the site but have used countless threads here to raise my flock this year and wish to thank each and everyone of you for sharing your experiences they pretty much steered me to where I am today.. so we received our first two eggs yesterday great excitement here.. but this morning my rooster is making a strange sound I searched through to see if anyone could duplicate my situation but there is vast sounds these guys make lol.. so I took a video and hope someone out there could tell me if I need to seperate and treat him or if hes fine. He and the hens are 6 mos old hes a white plymouth rock hens are mixed rocks, RIR, New Hampshires, Thanks in advance..
I haven't heard that before so maybe this can bump you. At the end that is a sneeze. Does he have any spots popping up on his comb, feet, or inside his mouth? Besides the noise and sneeze is he acting like himself? If not what is different? These will help us in an answer.
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The repeated droning sound is a rooster sound that I associate with a low level concern. Rooster see's something and he is communicating to flock he is watching it. It could be you he is watching. Sound was a bit odd sounding but bird looks good so likely within realm of natural variation.

The coughing sound at end is just that.
Thanks guys it was just odd behavior for him that begun today I looked him over and noticed nothing odd. He's actually my most affectionate bird of course he was silent while being held but returned to that low groan and "sneeze" or "cough" once I let him down.. Other than that he still crows and eats and drinks normally I guess I will just keep a eye on him for now just wanted to make sure I didn't need to segregate him..
The sneezing or coughing at first is not a problem as he could have gotten dust, dirt or feed up his nostril. If he starts coming up with black spots on his comb, face, inside mouth, or legs then you need to segregate and treat. Glad to hear from someone else that the other sound is normal.
To me it's a bit concerning since he seems to be having a hard time drawing in breath, I would watch him carefully today and see how he does, see if it gets worse. I have had a couple of chickens make almost that exact sound when they had something caught in their throat. On both occasions they eventually cleared it themselves. It is not a noise I have typically heard in birds coming down with a respiratory disease but that doesn't mean that's not what it is. Just watch him and see how he does.
Hi guys thanks again for your help.. I returned home tonight and he seems normal again no noise at all.. I checked his feet and comb all clear besides a little mud :) there is a small black blotch on his waddle which i will watch.. but he seems normal again I will keep you posted.. fingers crossed its isnt respritory related that sounds scary.. Happy Labor Day btw to those of you in the US..

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