Help! My silkie hen is weezing!

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    Help! I need advice. I went to check for eggs tonight and put the babies up and my silkie hen seems to be having trouble breathing. She's wheezing and gasping. She was fine then suddenly started wheezing. I'm taking her with me to work tomorrow (if she makes it and is still having trouble breathing (I work at a vet hospital)) to let one of the docs look at her. Is there anything I can do or check for tonight. I plan on getting her in out of the cold. It's been rainy and cold the least couple of days. I just got her Monday. Please help!
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    Post this under Emergencies, you are more likely to get an answer there.


    Mar 2, 2011
    Chickens have many diseases that cause respiratory symptoms but it is most likely CRD. (Chicken Respiratory Disease)

    Try adding Teramyicin to the water or some other type of soluable antibiotic. Your local feed supply store should carry some type. Also, injectable penicillin works well if you buy short-acting (ask for it at the store) you will have better results (in my experience of 15 years this works well). You will have a lot left over and it must be kept in the fridge but you will always be prepared for this (it's pretty common) to happen again.

    I use a dosage of one unit per chicken (less for bantams) for a week giving the injection every three days. If she is not clear by then, I would go for another week and this should clear it up. Isolate her from the flock (to prevent spread) and discard her eggs after treating with any antibiotic. They can not be safely eaten.

    Hope this helps!

    Timothy in KY

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