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I'm not sure if this is in the right place, I am relatively new here. If I've committed a major no-no please feel free to delete or move.

My 7th grade students this year REALLY want to hatch eggs and study the changes that go on inside the egg. So many of these kids are so far removed from their food source and how things really work that I want to give them this chance as well. I've set up a donors choose for a classroom incubator and humidity kit, I've searched all over and with what we have going on in our classroom (cold room to start with, heat turned down at night and on weekends and really really dry building) I think the brinsea in the chem prep room (where minor chemicals are kept but the heat stays on) should work just fine. The chicks will stay at school for a few days and then come home with me to be raised to join our flock, I also have a student this year with a large home flock that she raises to sell eggs and her parents are interested in chicks as well - so the babies will all have good homes.

This week donors choose will match any donation made with the code INSPIRE, and donations are tax deductible! Even a simple $5 will do so much to meet our goal. Here is the link to the page remember if you donate use the code INSPIRE and they will match your donation.

I can't tell you how excited my students are to watch the total getting closer to $0! They want me to check daily and they are so eager to experience hatching chicks.

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