Help! My turkey can't use her legs!

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by olijo123, Feb 16, 2015.

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    Jun 10, 2013
    I have a 1 year old turkey who suddenly lost use of her legs. We have 3 turkeys total and she is the only hen. The others seem to be fine and healthy. She just lays there and eats and drinks but won't get up. We saw one day she was stumbling and falling over. It has been a week and no improvement. Advice and help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Have you done a close inspection on her? If she is the only hen there is a very good chance the Toms are over mating her and "abusing" her. If they are fighting over her while one is trying to mate her there is a very good possibility that they could have split open her side/s under her wing/s. She could be severely wounded or even have and infection, other injuries could have occurred also. Keeping 2toms to 1hen is very very unwise.

    There could always be a chance she is sick with something but I would suggest first doing a head to toe inspection to rule out injury and then go from there.

    Also what variety of turkey is she? If she happens to be the Broad Breasted White or Bronze and is very heavy, that will cause the leg issues and it means it is past time to process her.

    edited to add - I noticed in your past posts you have mentioned a few times that many of your chickens were sick, It is possible for chicken diseases to pass to turkeys also, so keep this in mind. Has your turkey exhibited anything similar to what your chickens symptoms were?
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  3. What breed is she if it's a broad breasted white this is common for than and they won't be able to use their legs again

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