Help, My uninformed neighbors got chicks...

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    Apr 21, 2011
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    My neighbors down the road thought it would be a good idea to get chicks. I guess they thought it was pretty easy, buy chicks stick them in a shed and go with it. They lost one within a week and now I heard through one of their relatives (who is also a neighbor) that they are not doing well. He described one as having legs that stick out to the side, I asked if they had put the chicks on newspaper when they first go them and the reply was " well, yeah." Could this be spraddle leg? I have not seen it first hand so I don't know what to look for, Any suggestions or cures? Thanks!!!
  2. galanie

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    Aug 20, 2010
    Sounds like spraddle leg from what you say. A bandaid can be put on the legs above the hocks in such a way as to keep them together in a normal position. But unless they want your help, there won't be much you can do, sadly.
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    I recommend that you go down to your neighbors and introduce yourself and ask them if they'd like some 'pointers' in raising chicks/chickens. Try and be a good neighbor and help them out if possible. Good luck.
    ETA: I've always raised my chicks on newspaper, makes clean up much easier and I've never had spraddled leg. The key is changing out the soiled newspaper quite often for as long as it takes.
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  4. max101

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    If they dont want your help they probably wont accept advice

    Can you brood them till an exceptable age for them to be responsible

    A bandaide will help and making sure they have the right nourishment

    Good luck
  5. greenpeeps

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    If I was your neighbor, who just got chickens, I would love your help. You could approach them with something like, oh wow, I have chickens too, you know. Nothing preachy. I know I was lucky to find this site when I started, you could always mention BYC and then I bet a week later you'll get a big thank you and there will be happy chicks down the street.
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  7. KTruxillo

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    Thanks everyone! I couldn't get a hold of them yesterday but will try again. Hopefully I can offer them some help.

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