HELP! Need advice with some serious bumblefoot!


Mar 25, 2016
Hello fellow chicken lovers,

The day before yesterday I got a wild hair and decided to pick up a couple additions to my flock. Needless to say the ad for the new chickens I purchased was not accurate. To put it nicely, the man I got the chickens from lacks the competence to raise chickens. The new chickens I got are in bad shape. I am working to correct multiple health issues. The biggest concern is the hen's feet.

For this post I am going to focus on my least healthy new hen. All of her digits are partially amputated, mechanism of injury unknown. Please see two images below of her feet. I believe each enlarged spot with a dark colored scab is bumblefoot. From what I know regarding bumblefoot I need to act quickly to prevent further damage. I am unsure but assume bumblefoot also occurs in digits as well as the pad of the foot. Can someone verify these enlarge sores are, in fact bumblefoot? If so, do all of these sore require surgical intervention.

The hen lacks the agility of my others hen with healthy feet. Any recommendations or know of a treatment to give her the best quality of life? Is there something I can apply to her feet to give her better traction and allow her to walk comfortably?

I appreciate your time and effort.

(I am excited to see her beautiful plumage once it grows back!)

Left Foot

Right Foot
I would suspect that, at some point, she lost her digits to frostbite. Perhaps, once the bumblefoot is taken care of, her mobility will improve. I have a rooster who lost the toes on one of his feet to frostbite some years back and he is able to get around just as well as the other chickens. I suppose it's possible that the dark spots on her toes is BF, however, I've only ever dealt with BF in the wider part of the foot. Best of luck. I'm sure her beauty will shine thru with your good care.
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