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I have a chick that's partially hatched and some eggs close to hatching that I had to take out of my broody pen----the hens whose eggs had hatched were trying to eat the other eggs/chicks when they started to pip. My question is, if I want to stick the new chicks under the remaining broody hen, do I do it as soon as they hatch-----even if it's one at a time----or do I wait until they're all hatched to do it?
i have no clue. i would think to keep them warm you might want to stick them under the other broody as soon as you could?

anyone with experience have an answer??
The posts I have read on this subject seem to agree to sticking the chicks under/around the hen at night with as little light and disturbance as possible. I have never had a broody hen but I would probably stick some other eggs, golf balls, etc under the remaining broody and then wait until the chicks have all hatched, remove the other eggs, golf balls or ect and then put them all under her at the same time.

Hopefully someone with experience with broodies will come along soon and give better/more accurate advice than I can!
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I was thinking the same thing, MuckyPuppy. I'm just afraid of the other hens hurting or killing the babies if she doesn't bond with them.
Some people get up early before the chickens wake and watch to make sure the hen accepts the chicks and if it doesn't then they take them away and raise them in a brooder. I think the getting up before dawn part would be the downfall for some people on this part.
It wouldn't bother me as I have had insomnia for months and wake up every day between 4 - 5:30 am no matter how late I go to sleep.

You have to take my advice with a HUGE pinch of salt because it is only what I have managed to read on what others have done.

Good luck with your chicks and broody! I hope everything works out.

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