Help! Need Help Pricing for Reimburment Costs!

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    Oct 30, 2008
    Tomahawk, Alberta Canada
    Oct 28th Neighbors dog dug in, and out of our pheasant area and mauled all 3 chinese crested - I was mad as hell as I've had trouble with this guy for yrs, But my beau calmed me down and we let it slide.

    And now , again Nov.28-29 this same neighbors dog found his was into the coop run, and house after I had let them out for the day-
    Mauled, and killed 20 hens and roosters.

    As follows: 9 Red sussex x layer hens - Just 5 mos old and laying
    2 White pure silkie roosters
    1 Black pure silkie hen
    1 white pure silkie hen
    1 Red pure silkie hen - Yes seems the silkies I got for my beau were almost wiped out- still have 3 - one of each color (1 roo)
    1 pure La Fleche rooster, of course the more gorgeous one.
    1 OE rooster-.
    1 white layer hen
    1 Buff layer hen (from SweetChicks- Blanche)
    1 Banty x roo
    1 Purebred Silver Seabright roo

    I've listed them as sexed, if that's going to help in pricing at all.

    May have to put down a tom bronze turkey too yet, as of this morn.
    So, how do I figure out the costs to charge this guy,
    besides the definate decrease in egg production? Breeding? Feed costs? Are all these taken into consideration?

    We were up to a dozen, finally a day, as the Sussex are just laying now. At 5 mos old.
    All the ones we lost were this years hatches except 2 older hens.

    And i'm also charging for the chinese crested pheasants too, this time. I bought them for $7.00 ea as day olds.

    So- Please help us decide on an amount to charge him, and maybe he'll finally keep his 4 dogs in his own yard!
    Email me at home pls. as It's easier for me to reply quicker, thank you for any help you can give us!!!
    Need responses asap pls.
    I will give you an update after we have this all settled. TTYL

    praying: Dawn. [email protected] Alberta Canada

    Is anyone got any ideas as of replacement costs to charge this guy? Pls need ideas asap! Thank you to all who respond.

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