help need to know chick info !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    help i need to know a few things . i am hatching eggs and i need to know how to candle the eggs i also need to find out how to sex chicks and can i help m chicks come out of the eggs if theirr stuck pleas and than kyou if you help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You've got a whole book of answers in those questions, so I am going to start by telling you to do a BYC search. There are threads, forums, videos, etc. all dedicated to those topics.


    To candle an egg, you need a dark room and a flashlight. And an egg. Position the flashlight so the light shines through the egg. With light-colored eggs, you will be able to see development of the chicks by day 5. There are tons of pictures on BYC to show you developing and dead eggs.

    Sexing chicks is very, very difficult unless you are hatching a sex-linked breed. Sex-linked chickens hatch with boys being one color, girls another. If the breed is not a sex-linked breed, you'll have to wait until the chicks have grown out to determine gender.
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    I am going to point you to the chicken area for chick answers as you posted in the duck area. Two different requirements for incubating.

    Searching BYC will gain you photo examples and plenty of answers on candling.

    Sexing a newly hatched chicken isn't easy, and only the hatcheries have people who are truly good at it, and even they make mistakes once in awhile.
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