help - need to supplement flock in CT


10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
We have two very sad children and one very sad and guilty mom here today after hawks took two of our girls yesterday. They spend most of their time in a fenced (on top and underground) run, but I tend to let them loose when we're hanging out in the yard. They follow us all over the place. Then the phone rang, and we all went inside, forgetting to put them back in the coop and by the time I remembered two were killed. Those hawks are fierce!

We would really like two or three more pullets - ideally rhode island reds like our other girls but we're not too picky - though we'd love friendly, good layers. Wiling to drive a good distance - CT southern MA, southeastern NY, LI, etc.

Hope someone can help us,

That is SO sad!
All I have to offer, besides condolences is a NH Red roo. If you check out my page: his name is JuneBug!
Let me know if you're interested!
Sorry again, for your loss and Good Luck!!
So sorry for your loss.

I have a variety of roos to choose from and also could sell a pullet/hen or 2. I am in Northern NJ about 45 minutes from the GWB.
how about eggs? I can do eggs-for the cost of shipping? I have RIR's or BO's I do have BO chicks but sadly Im 6 hrs away from you?
I have some RIR, barred rocks,and australorps pullets...they are just a few days old...ordered 15 and can only keep 8.

We are located on LI, Western Suffolk County.
I am in Durham, right down the street from me there are RIR and Barred Rock chicks for sale. The sign has been out for a while so Im sure they are "sex-able" my now.
I have a pair of true blue Ameraucanas and a pair of splash Ameraucanas if you would like one. I am in NY about 10 minutes from Greenwich. They are about 5 months old.

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