HELP! need Warm light and a place to buy Duck Food in CT!

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Milford/Norwalk, CT
    My mother HATES the fact that i have a Duck for a pet and is no help to me when raising my Ducks.

    I recently lost my entire flock in various ways and only have one young Khaki Campbell duck left.

    I have an insulated pen for him in my garage with no breeze touching him but i have NO Warmlight!
    Mine recently broke when i was moving him into the pen.

    My mother gives me a $50 every 2 weeks and thats just not enough for me to take care of my baby!
    I also used to get my duck feed at Curries in Norwalk CT but im not Dating that guy anymore so i have no way of getting down there!!!!
    I need to know where the closest Feed store or supplies stoor to Milford CT!!!

    If anyone has any Heating lamps or light bulbs just collecting dust or even an electric Heater i can huck up to his pen I'd be eternally grateful!
    I just started college and im looking for a Job, any job so i can start giving him everything he needs.
    Mu life is about taking care of Animals and im really trying to do things right!

    PM me
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    About duck food since the only feed store in our area doesn't sell food just for ducks and I have had 10 ducks and 1 goose for the last five and one half years I use Purina Flock Raiser which is for all fowl. All of my ducks and chickens have done real well on this so you might want to give it a try. Also I live in the mts. of N.C. and the temps. can get below freezing but I don't use heat for my ducks. As long as they are out of drafts they can manage fine. Do you have a way for your duck to get into the sunshine on milder days? or does he stay in the garage all the time?
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    May 15, 2009
    I'm so happy you are taking responsibility for your little duck. he/she is a very lucky fellow.

    I can't help you with feed questions because I'm in New Hampshire but I can help you with a heat source. Go on line to they sell a very safe heater for poultry and small animals. It is totally enclosed and does not emit any light. Just a soft warm heat that will not catch anything on fire. If you tell them you are buying it for poultry they will not charge shipping and handling so that will bring the cost down a bit for you. You only have one duck so the smallest heater will do the job.

    I know that you are keeping the duck in the garage but try to locate the cage by a window so he/she can have some natural light. Also make sure the cage is large enough so the duck can move away from the heater if he gets too warm. Natural light is important for their health. I'm sure your duck is lonely so look on Craigs list or call the animal shelters for ducks that may have been abandoned or let go by their owners. Some folks these days can't afford pets and you could adopt a duck!

    Good luck to you and your duck![​IMG]

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