Help needed for trapped chicken.

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    Jun 8, 2008
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    I found one of my hens trapped out in the barn today. She'd managed to get her wing between a panel and the barn siding and was kind of hanging there. This was around 6pm, and I had last been out at around noon, so it could have been as long as 6 hours.

    It seems like one side of her body is paralyzed, or nearly.

    Strangely it seems like it's more her foot that is the problem than her wing. She can move her leg, but not her foot, so she can't stay sternal.

    We got her loose, gave her food and water and settled her in the coop to see if her leg and wing were just "asleep". I went back a bit ago and she was pretty much where I left her.

    I got her more water and tried to get her to spread out her toes to no avail.

    I managed to get her sitting sternal but it's with her injured leg straight out behind her rather than tucked underneath her body. The underpart of her wing were it was caught seems a bit swollen but she has some control over her wing, unlike her foot.

    Any suggestions, PLEASE???YourLinkGoesHere
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    I'm kind of a wait and see person, but only for so long. Our buff orpington got stuck in between the side of her coop and the run we attached to it (we've since fixed the problem), and luckily, our daughter saw it pretty quickly and my husband got her free without any damage done. I hope one of the "seasoned" chicken experts on this forum can really give you good advice on this. Do you have access to an aviary vet or can you call a wildlife rehabilitator for advice since they know birds so well? Best wishes to you... Keep us posted. I'll pray for her!
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    I'm no expert but I'd keep her in a quiet place - where she won't overheat - with some food and water and see how she does in a day or so.

    I've had a few injured birds before I knew about this site and I guess out of ignorance did just what I said. Chickens are very tough birds and can survive a lot.


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