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My Coop
My Coop
I keep looking and looking, and can not find a website or app or Anyang with the answers to my questions!

So please help!

I want to redo my coop and run......

I want to insulate my uninsulated coop an 8x8

So, it looks like I should buy fiberglass insulation and then cover that insulation with some kind of all-weather plywood. Right?

And I thought that this time I will paint all of the plywood.

So, I need what kind of plywood? What thickness? Doesn't it come in different thicknesses? I would think, that since the coop is an 8x8 exterior dimensions, that I will need 8 sheets of plywood? Right?
The coop does have a regular door in one wall, a handmade door in a second wall, and the third and fourth walls have one window each.


I also want to make a poop shelf under my perches..... So what does that tray need to built out of? Do I need 2x2 lumber for the frame? Or something thicker? And what about the plywood top for the poop board? The same kind that I use for the walls? This tray will be 2feet by 8feet. I want it to be moveable (I know it will be super heavy, but I would only pick it up for deep cleaning) and be able to slide back and forth on ledges that I will nail or screw to those new plywood walls I am putting up. But since it will be on the ledges only on the short 2 foot sides, does it need a middle support too? Does that change how thick I need the frame to be?

I am also going to add exterior nest boxes...... What size lumber do I need for the frames? I want to make these insulated, just like the coop. So plywood, fiberglass insulation, and another
layer of plywood.

Thank you thank you thank you for any help!

ETA: it is a coop 8x8 by 8 feet tall inside.

And my winters are very long, snow about 4 to 8 feet deep, lows maybe -10 degrees F for a week, wind all year long and summers usually in the 50s.

And I already have a good idea as to design, just my DH does not want to do the modifications and I am clueless as to what stuff I need. Like could I make a poop tray out of 1x1 s and it not warp?
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Did you try doing a search here for 'insulation' and 'poop boards'?

Need to know 8 x 8 x what? to know how many sheets. Can you post some pics? Can probably use a 1/4 thick sheet of plywood to capture the insulation on the interior of coop.

Alaska has some pretty specific insulation and ventilation issues, might also search 'Alaska' to find folks who would be more likely to have solutions about your particular climate.

You can build the support out of anything for the poop board and place something removable on the support for cleaning.
Wow! A lot of questions... My coop is not insulated but I did insulate my nesting boxes. I simply bought 4x8 sheets of rigid insulation (1" thick) and cut to size. I use bead board for my coop/goat house/and dog house constructions. It comes prepainted on one side and works perfect for exposed exterior and even as roofing material. I used 2x2's for the next boxes (just ripped 2x4's down the middle) and 2x4 and 4x4's for the main coop and run. My poop board is basically a 2x4 table frame with a 24" wide bead board on top. Not sure why you want it removable but you can set the top on without screws. I scape the board daily and it is easy to clean without removing. Buy a few more sheets or boards of wood than you think that you will need. Below are a few pictures. Hope this helps!

Poop board table

Rigid insulation inside a constructed wall. Bead board or plywood fully enclosed the insulation.... (this was for a dog house build which was fully insulated)

Coop with exterior boxes... Prepainted bead board used (all the big box stores has bead board and it comes in either beige or a gray color... about $24/sheet. Well worth the price unless you want to use PT 3/8" plywood and paint the coop every year or two!)
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I used fiberglass insulation in mine and covered it up with a plywood board. The rigid insulation used above is interesting. I have seen many different types of foam boards used as insulation. Hopefully everything works out!

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