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Although we arrogant humans find their aggressive behavior unacceptable, it's how they are supposed to behave and we are the ones disturbing nature.

Except that this is not "nature" out in the wild.

This is a livestock animal who needs to be able to accept and deal with the fact that people come and go in the coop and run and who needs to have enough sense to not attack the giant who brings food.

In the wild an animal that senselessly attacks a much larger animal who was merely passing through generally dies of that aggression sooner or later.


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Mar 19, 2020
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If you have a rooster that attacks people nearby just for being nearby (if you are actively harrassing and causing flock panic, i can kind of understand more), he's not doing his job. He is watching someone who doesn't need to be watched, instead of the places actual predators come from. Not all predators wait until humans are out of sight to grab birds


Aug 14, 2021
It's important to try to understand rooster psychology if you're going to have them. In all likelihood, you are provoking the attacks without realizing it. Remember, you are invading their domain.
Well, actually, my domain. My house, my rules.
... He perceives you as a threat, gets that shot of adrenaline and does what he's hardwired to do. When you pick the hens up, he thinks you are going to harm them. Those are his mates and his responsibility to protect and you are a threat.
I am not a threat. I am the Bringer of Food, Water, and Treats. If he can’t figure that out when we’ve been interacting since he emerged from his egg, then I will respect him all the way to the stew pot.

We probably disagree less than the above sounds like. I talk to my birds a lot. Explain chores, fuss when they get underfoot, tell them to knock off puffing up at my shoes. Let them know when offering food by hand that “pink things are fingers” and stop when the finger bites are no longer accidental.

I like my chickens, but they are here for a purpose. That purpose does not include attacks on me because I happen to be in the enclosure.


Jun 28, 2021
Lots of changes going on here today with my rooster's fav hen going broody. He has always let me pick him up and he has done the flirty dance sideways and everything with me the past 2 months. He is almost 8 months old. He is the only rooster to 2 hens all same age and raised together since day old.
He didn't just get me once...he repeatedly attacked me, got blood in several spots and everything. He's a bantam silkie! Never once done anything to anyone. Worst he has ever done is charge the hardware cloth to try to get to my son-in-law that is building larger coop OUTSIDE THE run.
He wouldn't quit attacking me even after doing the "V" hold several times til he relaxes. I fed him some corn like I always do then he just ran up as I was sitting down and luckily just got my arm not my face.
Please help! What on earth has happened to this dude?!!!
Hopefully it will pass. Grab with your hands or a dip net. You can carry him around by his feet for a few minutes in front of his hens too. We’ve got a black Orpington acting like this now. He’s gone after the rest of the family after I gave him the V treatment. They smacked him and now he’s back on me. I now am somewhat aggressive towards him when I enter the coop and run since he’s come at me three times. I noticed our large Embden gander Tony does this with him now. Tony is a very calm gentle bird but huge. I’m sure Lamar (our rooster) has been pestering him too trying to assert dominance. Tony still has a ways to grow but he’s about 25lbs now and Lamar is 3 or 4lbs. Tony doesn’t hurt him just shoos him away from wherever he’s at. Sometimes seeking him out and intimidating Lamar. Tony is sending him a message gently but firmly and Lamar always scurries out of his way. So I’m copying Tony. Roosters at this age appear to be hormone fueled sex pests.


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Feb 15, 2020
I have a silkie rooster that is VERY food aggressive. He pegged me good the other day! Truth be told, he'll be going to freezer camp soon of he doesn't straight his act up, I have too many sweet boys to put up with his nonsense. View attachment 2896691 View attachment 2896695
I had a hen get me good. She did the rooster dance- dropped a wing and skipped in a half circle around me- and then struck my hand.

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