Help Needed - possible emergency - Khaki Campbell


5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
Northeastern PA
Hello All, Last evening, my husband made an error and left our large dog outside and our ducks were loose. I found our drake next to the dog. He isn't mean, just curious. The drake was a little wet and hyperventilating. I put him with his pal and he calmed down. I kept checking all night on him. This morning, they left their coop together. However, he isn't quacking and is slow moving. He didn't show an interest in food, just water. I noticed his front chest area is puffier than the other one. I am concerned about sac damage. Any suggestions on what I should do. I have not seen any bleeding or injuries. Should I be concerned about his air sac(s)? Suggestions please. Worried sick about our friend.
Is he friendly enough to touch? If he is like my Floppy boy I'd just wrap him in a blanket and hold him. He likes to be rocked when he's been through something traumatic. Sometimes it takes a few days of spending extra time with him but he calms down and eats then. Floppy is my 2 year old Khaki Campbell drake.
If his breathing isn't laboured I wouldn't expect any sac damage; I'd go along with ducklover and just give tlc as it does just sound like trauma.
He could just be puffing himself up as a warning to the dog. That's what floppy does when we encounter something he isn't sure of. He moves slowly and deliberately while puffing himself up. It's his way of saying not to mess with him.
ok. We can try holding him too. They are really a bonded pair so they don't like to be separated but we do anyway to hug and kiss them! Thank you for the reassurance and advice. Shall I kick the hubby in the butt now or later for letting the dog out? lol!
Lol well with a little reassurance my floppy boy now likes to play with dogs. So you can kick his but if you'd like but I think it's important for your babies to be socialized under controlled settings. They are a lot happier and more accepting of change that way in my experience. You could always hold both of them if he protests too much when being held alone.

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