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    I have been treating my bantams (assorted types) with Tylan 50, orally .25 cc for 3 days They have all been improving with exception of one bird who has suddenly appeared MUCH worse, in the last several hours.

    She had improved one day 1 and 2 . Her initial symptoms were raspy breathing, sneezing and a pale comb but was otherwise eating well, active, normal poop. Today she's been steadily worse all day. She now is listless, puffy, wings drooped, has laboured breath intake and has rattles (which had all but disappeared), little interest in food (even treats).

    I'm REALLY worried about her! I have researched the heck out of respiratory diseases, and it did take weeks for the Tylan to arrive (it's not sold in Canada), but why woul she improve only to decline so sharply? The only thing I can think of is that she aspirated some of last night's dose? Any other ideas? What would you do?


  2. Steph n Kel

    Steph n Kel In the Brooder

    Additional question....again, have read many conflicting dosing many days? I had been planning on 3-5, making sure to go one day past any sign of symptoms. Is 5 the max?

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