Help needed to get my Emben (Abigail) on her feet

Discussion in 'Geese' started by gazw66, Dec 22, 2012.

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    Hi there everyone I am the proud dad of Abigail gabble Winfield a beautiful 2 year old female ebden who I have had from a day old chick . On Tuesday 11th December when letting her and her friends out of their night enclosure we noticed a dropped wing . I am fortunate to have a great vet and booking her in and on examination we discover she had broken her right wing 1cm down from her shoulder and the fracture had punctured the skin . Initially putting her down was mentioned but I said she doesn't need to fly so can we amputate if we can't save it . So the amputation took place and I collected her later the same evening . Remarkably she was standing and feeding the next morning and that was the same with the wound healing nicely until the Friday. When I let her out of the of her hospital cage she didn't move and a week later she still can't get up . We have been exercising her in the bath and whilst in water she uses both legs but can not stand on the right leg at all . We have been back to the vets and their is no sign of a fracture or dislocation of joints so it can only be assumed that it is a muscle problem . Now she is not moving she has also almost stopped eating I have tried most things but with no success . I am looking for any suggestions on getting her to eat please ( getting her back on her legs I know could be a bit of a marathon and I am prepared for that but only if we get her to eat first ......regards gazw66
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    Hi Gaz....... just read your PM...........sent you a bunch of thoughts please let me know if they help or you have more questions.

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