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Aug 12, 2016
Hi All!

I received two 5 week old chicks in the mail yesterday AM. Both seemed a little stunned, one more so than the other. One was just standing there with eyes closed, barely drinking not eating, and eventually died a couple hours later. :(

The other one ate and drank right away was perking up, walking around, starting to act more normal. But this AM started with watery poop, like looks just like human urine. No solid whatsoever. Still drinking, but now not eating at all. Has periods of activity, but more periods of just standing with eyes closed "sleeping". And continuing with the watery poop. I'm so worried! Stressed from the trip? Watery because of lack of eating? Why so lethargic?! Help!!
Welcome to BYC. It sounds like they were very stressed during the shipping. How long were they in transit? They may have become chilled or too hot, or dehydrated . Chicks that age may still need some heat until fully feathered, but this time of year, it can be very hot to be shipped. They also constantly eat and drink, so it may be a lack of nutrition or water. Chicks seem to tolerate shipping well as day olds. I would continue to try and get the chick to drink fluids (water with SaveAChick or other brand of electrolytes and vitamins.) Make sure the vent is clear of any poop that might be stuck. Good luck.
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Thank you for your advice! I thought we were almost in the clear cause she was doing well yesterday but not eating at all now. :(
Now she is vomiting up the water and her breast area just below her neck is very edematous. I'm so worried. Anything I can do?

Vent is clear, she has SavAChick in her water. I don't know what's happening! :(

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