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11 Years
Feb 6, 2008
Southern California
Hello Everyone

I have finally noticed that the HTML code for my banner doesn't work correctly. It has been revised so if you have linked my site using the old HTML code, please change it to this:

<a href= ><img src= alt="Tommy's Pet Paradise"></a>

For the members who have their own webpage, can you please add this to your site (as HTML) to test if the code works? I really can't test that on my own page.

Thank You All!!!

- Tommy
Lol. Not quite

Thats where you put YOUR website, but I guess its fine if you want to link my website that way. Haha

What I mean is, like if you have a website, like from , you can add this using HTML editor:

<a href= ><img src= alt="Tommy's Pet Paradise"></a>

And I wanted to know if the banner of my website will show correctly on your webpage and if it links to my website ok???

Sorry if its confusing for what I am asking. Haha

Thanks All!!!

- Tommy
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Testing 2:

Cool! So this is how it should look on your website. The banner is shown and when you click on it, it links to my page.

The one on the top just enlarges the image : )

How does it work out for the rest of you? It should be ok...right?

- Tommy
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