HELP! Neighbors dog killed 36 of my daughters chickens....


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May 2, 2009
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It is such a sad month....the neighbors dog got loose and killed 36 of my daughters chickens....all of her feathered legged bantams...all of the red sex links....and all of her EE bantams....if anyone has eggs for sale cheap please let me know. She is 9 years old and has raised all of them from eggs...which she hatched last she has 4 chickens left....Thanks for all the help in advance. I just want to get her some eggs to hatch...she is devistated....Thanks again....Lyz
I am so so sorry to hear that
Wish you where closer... try your local 4h maybe they can help, 4h-ers are always looking to do community service for things like that. Maybe they have some eggs to spare sorry for your loss!!
I think I would probably kill that dog, that's just ridiculous. I hope you talked to and got something settled with your neighbor....Thank goodness we've never had any bad strays/neighbor dogs...and we've had plenty of both show up on our property.
i'm so sorry for your loss. Your poor daughter. Please give her our condolences. i certainly hope that the neighbor will will be paying for replacement of all the dead birds.

i don't have any eggs to offer, but hopefully you will find some on here. Otherwise, most breeds have a club online, and you might want to ask for specific breeds there.
you could try some eletric fencing in future ....stops our dogs on the field ..wasnt put up for that purpos but it dose seem to keep them in the upper part of the area
sorry im to far awqay to giv u eggs
hope this never happens again
i had the same problem with a police man's dog , they denied it ever happening ( wife and daughter) , the police man came to our house and gave componsation for the loss of the birds, he said his son use to hatch eggs out and if it happened to him he would be devestated.

I hope you get something sorted out
I have seen some postings for your area selling eggs in the Youngstown craigslist farm/garden:

So very sorry for your loss.If you can wait the local feed stores and TSC will be selling soon. I would take care of that dog.He/she will be back.Hugs for your dd.
I agree that the dog will be back. If he knows you have chickens running around, then the dog will try. I hope you find a solution to the dog as well as the eggs.
Good luck.

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