HELP New Owner ! One of my 7 week old chicks came down with Coccidiosis do I scrap my Deep litter method bedding ?


May 28, 2020
South Texas
(Background: My husband and I picked up Three RIRs 3 weeks ago from a great breeder and they were and are thriving. Then last week we decided to get some Barred Rocks 6 week olds two to add to our flock. The birds conditions didnt seem as great ? We got them from a Craigslist post vs the 2 hr drive to the breeder. Yesterday one BR was dead in the run no injuries not too skinny nothing seemingly wrong. Her sister the other BR had bloody stool when I went to let them out of the coop so I did research and rushed to get some Corid and Added it to the water in the suggested dosages. The girl is still eating and drinking normally but is kinda lethargic she nests down some of the day but does try to keep up with the RIRs. I completely clean out the coop bedding daily and clean the roosts all of that but do I need to empty my runs bedding out ? Its about 4-5 inches of pine shavings. Im starting on a deep litter method run area. These are my first chickens I had no idea about Coccidiosis which it really seems to be. I also bough some probiotics for chicks to start them after the Corid. Am I doing anything wrong with my chickens it was wet for a few days but the pine shavings dried fast. Do you think my chick will survive this I don't know if its too late the stool was awful bloody this morning ? Also how long does it take for Corid to help ? Any suggestions are wanted and appreciated! I am thankful for your knowledge.)


9 Years
Mar 12, 2012
Middle Georgia
I'd clean out everything and start with fresh bedding. I can't remember how soon covid helps and I can't say whether you caught it soon enough. You're treating all the birds, right?

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