HELP!!! New to chickens and not sure what I have, Gender or Breed!


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Sep 2, 2011
Hello all! I am very new here (this is my first post), but have been eyeing the site for awhile. I am hoping that you all can help me tell what kind of pullets I have because they all cam from different places! Thank you, and any help is much appreciated!!!

This is Nugget, and I am thinking a Rhode Island Red Hen

This is Wilma, I was told she was an Ameraucana, but I think maybe a cross? Orpington or RI Red? Not the best pic, she doesn't sit still, so hopefully the colors and feathers will help. Pretty sure a hen.

This is Esther. Again, I was told Ameraucana, but that little Mohawk she's getting make me think Polish or Polish/Ameraucana Cross. Worried maybe a roo.

Here's top views of the 3 of them to maybe help

Finally, Gladys. Ameraucana? Pretty sure. Also, kind of worried that possible roo just based on actions, but not sure.

Again, any help is much appreciated, and I will try and update with better pics soon! Thanks!


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The first two look like New Hampshires, and the ones you were told are Ameraucanas are most likely Easter Eggers (if I remember correctly, an EE is an Ameraucana crossed with something else). The one with the mohawk does look like a Polish cross. They're all nice looking birds! Congrats and glad you joined us!!


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Nugget does look like a RIR, but she could also be a New Hampshire Red.
Wilma looks like a sexlink called a Cinnamon Queen, unless she's got a beard. (Cant really tell) In that case, she would prob. be an Americauna, but they come in all kinds of colors so it doesnt def. mean shes a cross.
Esther: No idea, but she's really pretty!! I think youre right on that one, probably some cross.
Glady's is an Amaericauna, but I think she's a girl. Im not sure of the gender of the others.
Good luck!!


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I wouldn't think any are pure auracana. They have too much tail feathers, I believe Auracanas are rumpless.
Please somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
Esther has Polish crossed with something else (barred rock maybe)
All are cute, congrats and welcome to BYC.


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Jun 28, 2011
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The first one looks like a hatchery RIR or production red to me. The second one looks like a golden comet. Not sure at all about the third, but I've never seen any araucana with a crest, so it is at best a mix, and the last one is an easter egger. I have some just like her and the roos are red-brown. I'm pretty sure all are pullets except the the third one have no idea there. So I'm pretty much in agreement with cubalaya. Pretty little flock though. Enjoy!


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Nov 12, 2009
Quote:No, youre right. Auracanas are rumpless, and Americaunas are a totally seperate breed with show standards and stuff. Most people who buy 'Americaunas' from hatcheries are getting mutt chickens that are actually Easter Eggers and arent recognized by anyone (APA or ABA). Eh, its all good, EE are totally awesome. :]

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