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May 6, 2015
My daughter hatched chick's at school and ended up bringing 1 home. We have had it about 3 weeks so I'm guessing she's around 4 weeks. We were at the feed store and were told chick's don't do good alone so we might look into getting another.Today we got another chick that's about 2 weeks. What's the best way to introduce these 2?
Also at what age do they no longer need a heat lamp? When can they live outside?
A two week old chick will need a brooder temp of 85 degrees F. A four week old chick will need a brooder temp of 75 degrees F. Basically to have them together in the same space, it will be too warm for one, and too cold for the other. At around 5 weeks, a chick will no longer need additional heat, especially in the summertime. Also, there won't be such a big size difference, once the younger one is about 5 weeks. It would be best to have two or three chicks of the same age each just incase one or two turned out to be boys. They can move out to a coop once most of their chick down has been replaced with feathers. Introductions are best down in the evenings. They will be getting to ready to go into 'sleep mode' and be less interested in picking fights at that time of day.

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