Help.....newbie doing a shed conversion!!

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    Mar 8, 2013
    ......did I mention I am shocking at DIY?!!!!

    So on Saturday with the help of my lovely dad I moved my shed onto a raised concrete platform, only to find a slight problem. It had previously been kept at ground level with only 4 paving slabs 'protecting' the flooring.......little use that did!! When we moved it one of the pieces of wood running the length of the shed came off because it had started to rot, leaving a slight gap in some places on the side. I have an old wardrobe that I am using to convert the shed so have cut some pieces and put them down to act as new flooring on the inside but wondering whether I should do anything to the outside?

    I don't think anything is getting in but I want to try and reduce further damage to the shed in the long run. Dad reckons it will be fine as it is but in true daughter fashion I need a second opinion!!

    I'm not in the US so don't get any drastic whether one way or another but we do get a lot of rain :(

    Also any other suggestions on coops & runs would be gratefully received [​IMG]

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