Help! Newborn chick with intestines pulled out

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  1. Okay, one of the silkies that just hatched was having a hard time getting the shell off and was moving around. i noticed something was dragging and that it was caught on the membrane. i carefully snipped the membrane to release the chick, but it looks like part of the intestines/colon is pulled out. What do i do?

    Look at the picture and you can see this coming out the end of the chicks bottom.
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    Oh Dear...It didn't absorb all of the yolk when it hatched...
    Sometimes you gently push their little guts back in and help to hold them inplace with a bandaid.
    If it's doing okay other than that, then I'd let the chick alone, but if he's just laying not really moving all that much the best thing you be to put him down.
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