Help! Newly hatched chick has excess of saliva in mouth and constantly trying to swallow it down.


5 Years
Sep 18, 2014
My chick hatched yesterday AM. It was not an easy hatch by the way. And when I came home from work I noticed she had excess saliva in her mouth. I have never seen saliva in other chickens mouths before. It sometimes looked like little spit bubbles. She seems to be irritated/distressed by it. I tried to give a little drop of water from my finger and she freaked out. She hasn't been able to sleep/rest, eat or drink properly because she is constantly trying to swallow down the saliva. Does anyone know what this could be? I have removed her from brooder and I'm holding her to keep her warm and undisturbed by other chicks. When I hold her so her head is in a "looking up" position she seems to be more comfortable and can relax a bit. Though still swallowing. Also I have looked up all respiratory dieases in chicks and I do not believe she is opening her mouth for the purpose of breathing but rather for the purpose of swallowing. I don't know what else to do?! Please help! I hate to see her uncomfortable.


6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
I'm sorry but this is likely a foregone conclusion. Sounds like your chick has either inhaled a fair bit of liquid somehow or perhaps has been 'born' with a deformity. I doubt she'll make it, but one can always hope.

Best wishes.

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