Help odd eggs!!! Could Ihave a sick hen or is this normal? PIC Heavy

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by lizrndiver, Jan 26, 2010.

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    Hi All,

    So I have 4 pullets between 8 and 10 months of age. 2 are laying fine, 5-6 eggs per week each. The other two are laying more sporadically. The youngest two pullets only started laying around Christmas. I am not entirely sure who is laying the nice large brown egg, but I am also getting a large lighter egg with some weird coloring on the end. These eggs are being laid less often than they were earlier in the month. These eggs I am not as worried about, but curious as to possible causes.

    I also get a nice medium sized brown egg, and a medium sized lighter egg. This week I saw a big drop in the production of the lighter egg. The last two were sort of squashed looking with a thin spot on one side. Today the egg was actually cracked through the thin spot. I am worried that the hen laying these eggs could be sick. Everyone looks fine. They have free fed layer pellets, oyster shell, and fresh water every morning. Some veggies, yogurt, and cracked corn as treats. Any ideas?

    Here are some pictures:

    A carton with some of the funny colored end eggs (top right) and a "squashed" egg (bottom right).

    This is the squashy egg with the thin side looks darker since you can see the yolk through it

    Squashy egg from the side, flat spot toward the top

    Squashy egg on it's side in my carton

    Please help.....[​IMG]


  2. Imp

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    Perfectly Normal, Nice eggs

  3. Mahonri

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    Just look like eggs to me!
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    Don't worry about the egg shape or lighter shell color, it looks to me like those eggs are a little light on the shell thickness and so they are more easily deformed when they are laid.

    You can add a little extra oyster shell or ground up egg shells to their layer ration, your young girls will come into their own after a few more eggs.

    I had eggs that looked just like those in the beginning, not all the time, but once in a while. Crack them open and find that inside is a good quality egg (inside is what really counts).

  5. gritsar

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    Yep, normal eggs.
  6. Hey, if they break open, look like those nice farm fresh eggs and taste wonderful, They are Perfect.

    You are way too used to store bought eggs. These types get thrown into the cattle chow.

    It is very normal for a hen to produce odd eggs, big and small. We all have an off day ya know.
  7. OverEggstended

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    I can't help much. But I did think corn was a no-no for layers unless it is REALLY cold where you live right now.

    The folks on here are wicked helpful and I am sure will have more info and advice!
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    Quote:I like your animated avatar!

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    None of them have been sick/coughing, have they?
  10. Andi

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    I think those of us that grew up getting store bought eggs are so accustom to perfect eggs. Its normal for the eggs to have slight imperfections and oddities. They are perfectly safe to eat and aren't an indicator of anything being wrong with the hens.

    Enjoy the uniqueness of each egg.

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