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Sep 4, 2019
I'm new to owning chickens. I have 5 11 week old Rhode Island Reds. I'm trying to save on feed as much as possible but also make sure they are very well taken care of. That being said I have some questions!

1. Is it better to buy feed or buy different grains and make your own? Also which is cheaper?
2. Does fermenting actually save on feed and money?
3. If so, what is the proper way to ferment for 5 chickens?
4. I'm still using chick starter, what should I be feeding them and at what age?

Thank you all! Just trying to learn all I can and make sure my chickens live a good and healthy life!


Feb 23, 2019
It is pretty much impossible to make feed as inexpensively as commercial feeds. The only real benefit is that you might be able to make a feed mix exactly how you want it.

Fermented feeds has been shown to save a little on money, but more importantly, it actually enhances the nutrition of the feed.

There is a document with everything on making fermented feed. It is actually very, very easy. I'll search for it and get you the link.

Edit- Here it is:


5 Years
Apr 15, 2015
I feed mine flock raiser/all flock depending on brand name, give oyster shell on the side once they start laying and I buy a bag of 3*1 without molassas to lacto ferment and just back fill, they get a small amount of it to make sure it doesn't constitute more than 10 of the feed they are eating, but they seem to be doing really well, on days I over other treats like vegetable scraps though they don't get it, also in the winter time as I'm in a cold northern state I have to keep it in the house so it doesn't freeze, but they like a dash of cayanne in it . This year I didn't do it and did seem to go through a lot more feed.

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