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They all haven't been eating much - I thought the feed changed because they wouldn't eat the corn any more. The feed store guy told me I was spoiling them. I did Ropadair April 4th - 11th (oil of oregano) (wheezing in the rooster and coughing in one hen) and Dorothy (who had no symptoms) was dead Sunday morning.

She had gotten still on Saturday, the 13th. They all started having diarrhea around the 9th - very watery, mostly green. That's when I realized they really haven't been eating for quite some time. Then the old food started sprouting grass and that seemed like a good thing so I left it there. Now, I have moved them, but they still have the diarrhea and won't eat anything but yogurt, meal worms (freeze dried), blueberries, grapes, but still no mash or scratch feed. They are not as active. The Ropadair did nothing for the rooster with the wheezing in his chest and it has gotten worse and they said to continue it, but the hen with the cough seems better, but she still has rattle in her chest and watery eyes. Even the one with no symptoms has the diarrhea and not eating. One of the two remaining hens just pooped and now there is blood in it. Unless a little bite of strawberry would do that - she had hours ago.

I thought perhaps fungus so I moved them and I removed as much of the old food as I could - really stunk when I did that. So I wondered fungus, but the Oil of Oregan/Ropadair is supposed to be an anti-fungal as well.

I buried Dorothy on Sunday and now I guess I should have taken her to the poultry diagnostic center 3 hours away. I'm in the NE GA mountains and no chicken vet has helped before.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm really scared and I don't want to let them die like Dorothy. They have been moved since Sunday, this is Tuesday - no improvement. Actually worse, since now I see blood, but that was inside, I may have missed it when it was outside. And this first one was black rather than brown or green, but that is from blueberries

Wow, okay....I have no idea what it is you've been using but if your birds are showing signs of repiratory issues, they need an Even if this does turn out to be a case of toxins from the feed it isn't going to hurt and will help them from getting any secondary diseases. I use Duramycin-10, 1/2 tbls per gallon of water. Change it every 24 hrs., it's no good after that. You need to get them a different feed. Different brand, different store, whatever. Do not give them what you have and don't throw it away either. If it's still in it's original bag that's great! You need the bottom closure strip on the bag. It has all the info about when and where it was made. Save it and the feed in a plastic bag.

The strawberry could have done that but you will have to watch and see what happens now. I think you also need to get them some vitamins and probiotics. Sav-a-Chick has packets of it at Tractor Supply or any farm supply store should have it as well. If not WalMart has probiotics for humans and you can use that. You cannot overdose with these but remember they are smaller. Read the dosing and probably half whatever they say for humans.

It sounds to me as if the chickens have been poisoned by their feed. Never, ever, listen to someone telling you that you are 'spoiling' your birds!!! All that shows me is someone who doesn't care what they are pushing out the door. Was this some place like a TS or is it a local feed and grain? I would make sure the manager knows about it and if it was the manager, take your business elsewhere. Alot of the feed has been showing up in our stores moldy and rotten. Always read the bottom of the bag before purchase and even then, look, smell, feel. If anything seems off, take it back immediately. You as the customer do not have to take crap feed. It costs the same if it's good or bad right? Might as well get the good, safe stuff.
Couldn't get it all out the first time, lol, sorry. Should have asked questions before I went off, but I've been where you are with the misguided 'help' from the feed store people.

How old are these birds? What do you normally feed them? How did their normal feed smell, look? Moldy? Clumps of the feed sticking together? Always listen to your birds...sometimes they can be much smarter about this kind of thing than we are.
moldy grain can cause a disease called ergotism symptoms are loss of appetite;diarrhea; increased thirst; listlessness; slow egg production; wilted comb. toxic alkaloids are produced from the grain. it will cause inflamed intestines. once you give fresh food you should be OK. if the chickens are refusing to eat fresh grain you can add water to it and make a mash. they usually love that. this way they are getting what they need. I agree with above poster. your other chickens have a upper respiratory issue and need antibiotics! if they are not drinking as they should be I would choose tylan50 injectable to ensure a proper dose. dose is 1/2cc large birds Small birds is 1/4 cc once a day for five days. the injection should be given in the breast muscle. this antibiotic is EXCELLENT for respiratory illness. you should see a improvement in a few days! you can buy tylan at the feed lot. sometimes when there not drinking and eating as they should be injectable would be a better choice than water soluble because the dose is controlled and exact. with water soluble when they are not eating and drinking as usual the dose is very unpredictable. they might not get what they need. if they were mine I'd give to tylan 50. just to insure correct dose. also tylan is a powerful antibiotic against respiratory illnesses.. I hope this is helpful. best wishes and I hope they get well soon!

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