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May 26, 2009
Zephyrhills, FL
My wife called me at work to tell me one of our barred rocks is dying. She found her a few hours ago laying on her side with all the other chicks huddled around, I guess trying to keep her warm. She was very active and ate med. food and always has fresh water, with heat source. Brooder is plenty large enough. She is only half the size of the other chicks though. She was acting like the head hen before she found her. Not like she has been lathargic. She will not open her eyes but she is still breathing. I had her give a little bit of sugar water to see if it would help. Any suggestions. She is 5 weeks old and is our favorite one. Why does your fav always die?
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oh wow, how sad! I wonder if maybe it got too cold? I would try some eletrolytes, and try to rub on it to get its blood circulating, & try warming it up. If it improves, water down its food, to make a mash. I hope this works! I'm no expert... but thats what I would do.. Keep us posted! Good Luck!
Since she's smaller than the others, it's possible she just has some sort of defect. They should not need heat at 5 weeks unless it gets below about 65 where they are (you didn't say.) Too much heat is also harmful.

Sorry. Not much you can do except encourage her to eat and drink. It is highly recommended to isolate her in case she has something infectious, but she will not be happy alone, and it may be a bit late for that.
It is about 75 in the brooder. I just read no cedar chips, which we have. Did not know. We have 15 chicks in there, right now and all seem fine. My wife removed her and put her on the couch in towel and keeps giving sugar water. She is now starting to peep. I dont know what is going on. I just told her to put her on heaating pad to see if it helps any. Yes I will be moving them all out of the brooder with the cedar chips tonight. Thank you all
I am so sorry about your chick, it really hurts I know!
I lost two babies within a couple of days, I didn't get the chance to get to know them and when you do it makes it even more difficult!!!

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