HELP! One of my chicks just died..

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    Mar 31, 2009
    we bought some baby chicks this past week, 4 diff. breeds, the latest ones we bought were just yesterday, these were the cinnamon queens and they all seemed to be doing all right in the cage with the rest of are c h icks that we got from another place. Well this morning i noticed that one of the little cinnamon queens was staggering a bit (like as if he were drunk) and he wouldnt open his eyes much and he was acting very sleepy, so i thought maybe he was just tired but wanted to make sure i kept my eye on him. Well just like 20 min. ago me my husband and are neighbor was all talking in the livingroom where the chicks are at and i look down and i notice the chic k that i was concerned about was just laying there kinda spread out and his belly wasnt moving so i looked closer and noticed other chicks were walking right over him and he didnt even flinch at this. So come to find out he was dead. we took him out immediatley, if i known for sure he was sick this morning i would have moved him into another area to where it was just him but i figured he was just sleepy. What could have happened? They are a bit bunched in the cage we have them in( but they do have some room to move around also and walk and such) but were working on that and should have a bigger area for them by later this after noon, so maybe he just got to crowded? The other 24 seem just fine. Can someone help me? Oh and also, their chick feed is the kind that is medicated.

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    Sometimes new little c h i c k s don't make it. He may have gotten chilled, he may have been born with something wrong, who knows?? With 25, there is going to be some sort of mortality rate. Sorry for your little c h i c k. [​IMG]
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    Some of them just fail to thrive or they stress in shipping. It just cannot be helped and is nothing you did wrong.

    Just keep them warm make sure they have food and water available. Sorry you lost one.

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