Help one of my hen's is limp!

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  1. Hey guys I need your help. I have this hen that is real limp. I noticed her lastnight when I put everyone in, she was outside when all the other girls were inside already. I was even able to pick her up (very unusual)! I put her in a nest for the night because she wouldn't move around. This monrning I went out she's still alive and had laid an egg without the hard shell. I brought her into the house and she's moving a little bit more than she was in the coop. I did run water over her vent as she kind of had a pasty butt. just looking for any suggestions. She seems to be more alert now that she's in the house.
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    Keep her warm and see if she's eating/drinking. Also let us know what kind of poop you're seeing. This is helpful sometimes. Feel her crop to see if she's taking food in. Is her chest bone protruding..skinny. Usually they go downhill fast if they're not taking in food/water. Encourage drinking and I would add some vitamins or apple cider vinegar to the water until someone comes along with more ideas. Also hard boiled egg yolk and oatmeal are good to encourage eating...and yogurt. Hopefully someone comes with more experience in this, but that should get you started. I hope everything is ok.

  3. Well she don't seem to want to eat or drink can I take a syringe with some water in it and open up her beak to give her water? Her poop was chalky looking when I cleaned her up. As far as her crop I'm not sure. I was wondering if I shouldn't give her some terryamiacin. Thanks Jody
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    CRW- What are you feeding your hens? Does she seem to have "jell-o" legs? I had this problem with two of my hens that had just started laying. They both died and I took them in for a necropsy. It turns out that they had a calcium deficiency. I was feeding them half scratch and half laymash because I didn't know any better. Now I feed them laymash and oyster shells and only give them scratch every once in a while.
    I don't know if there is a shot or something a vet can give her... I hope she is ok, but if she doesn't make it, I highly suggest getting a necropsy done.
    Good luck and let us know how she's doing. [​IMG]
  5. Thanks Carri and Jody,
    Yes her legs are like Jell-o. I was feeding them just laying mash and oats. However yesterday I did start back with the oyster shell because I've noticed some of my eggs are more fragile than others. I will continue to give the oystershell. I was told it was for winter months only so I had quit.
    She's keeping her head up right now. I've got my Christian music on and seems like she's listening to it. She's in front of my southern window in living room so she gets plenty of light.
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    I hope she's ok! I'm wondering if there is a supplement you can feed her for now until she feels better....
    I also found out that the water in my area has high amounts of fluoride and it depletes the calcium in your body.
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    water in my area has high amounts of fluoride and it depletes the calcium in your body.

    Does it?? Gah! I had no idea. Well at least I know what to watch out for now.​
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    I have not tried this, but have been told that if you have one that is really sick, and they are not eating or drinking, you can flush their nostrils with a little saline; you hold their head down so the saline runs out through their mouth, and not down their throat; the point is to get it into their mouth and I guess they absorb a little. Saline does help combat shock from injury, illness, or whatever; might be worth a try. Maybe some liquid antibiotic in her mouth if she will swallow?
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    flouride and chlorine are highly toxic. My water provider has a list of ingredients and amounts. I was trying to find a cheap alternative water source for my birds, but have not come up with any ideas yet. The rainbarrel option is good, but doesn't rain enough here.

    Flouride will definitely deplete calcium-if I remember correctly, it is a byproduct of nuclear stuff? Maybe a google should be done on chlorine also. I do know it messes with the natural "flora and fauna" of the chemical makeup of a body. Just thoughts to consider.
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    Apr 8, 2007
    Philly, PA
    I have a rain barrel that overflows constantly. I can use rainwater? Nice!
    I usually use it to water my garden. Now I have a new use! [​IMG]

    If it doesn't provide enough, i'll just fill my waterers from my filter indoors. I'll only have 15 chickens, so it won't be impossible.

    And yeah...LOL I now have 15....HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? I started with 5! [​IMG]

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