HELP: One of my silkies chicks is pecking at another

May 22, 2020
HELP: I have an important question

I have one silkie (looks like it’s going to be a roo from its behavior among other signs but we shall see) who is pecking at one of my paint silkies.

She’s small and definitely appears to be a future hen. They are all between 6-8 weeks - what are your recommendations to STOP this behavior?

They are both sweet and this is the ONLY one picking on my little paint silkie my others do not at all. In fact I noticed when it happens 5 of them surrounded her (it) to protect it. Right now of course I removed the potential roo and put it ina. Separate space with 2 others that it gets along with but I don’t want to keep them all separated forever.

Looking for your tips and advice here!

Picture for attention - this is not my little one being picked on 🙂


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