Help! One of the new chicks has it's intestines hanging out!!!

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    When I worked in a pet shop, we occasionally had to kill mice or rats that got ear infections and began circling or rolling non-stop, unable to eat or sleep. We put them in a plastic bag with very little air, closed it tight, and put them in the freezer. We told ourselves it was quick and relatively painless. It certainly worked.

    I tried drowning one once, on the theory that it would be quick. It wasn't. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yes, they lay eggs and poop out of the same hole. I imagine this is the umbilicus that the intestines are hanging out of.I can't believe stuffing them back in would work, but you can try it, if you want. Most likely it will not live long either way.

    Quickest way to cull is cut the head off. Not easy on the human but instant for the chick.
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    Do you have a can of starting fluid? (Ether) Get one. Soak a rag with the starting fluid. Put the rag and chick comfortably into a tightly enclosed container. She will go to sleep. Leave her in there for quite awhile so she doesn't revive once she gets fresh air. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Good Luck
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    Your local vet may do it for you cheap or free.
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    Ok I yahoo'd it. Doesn't sound fixable... but at least we know the probable cause

    •Inufficient Rotation of the Eggs. Eggs should be rotated 5 times a day. The result of incomplete or insufficient egg rotation is that chick organs stick to the sides of the shells. Chicks are born with their intestines outside their bodies.
    •Low Humidity. Eggs need a certain amount of humidity - or else it will also affect chick development. Usually parents know what to do. You will see the female bathe and then continue to sit on / incubate the eggs - thus increasing humidity as needed. The chick's parents should be provided with bathing opportunities. A shallow dish at the bottom of the cage, for example.
    •Interrupted Incubation.
    ◦chicks can become crippled or die in the shell
    •For more information on proper conditions of the eggs during incubation, please refer to the incubationprocedures.html
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    I had to do the tuck inside and put a bandaide and pray for best afew days on on a duck. My parents and I were pretty sure it wouldnt make it, but hes up and kicking!

    He was a lucky duck I guess lol,,,I had to cull two chicken babies once with my dad adn some freon in a box....its the downside of raising.
    I am so sorry for your problem with the baby chickie
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    Oh no. [​IMG] I'm so sorry. It sounds like if you do the tuck procedure it might live but I don't know. What I would do is try to do the tuck procedure and if it doesn't look okay then I guess I'd cull it. Actually I'd probably use the procedure someone posted above with the chemical thing. [​IMG] I'm so sorry you have to decide. It must be hard..

    For the egg with the chip out of the shell I had an egg like that yesterday. Two eggs hatched and then I saw an egg pipped. But it wasn't moving or anything. Others hatched. Still nothing.. I didn't know if the one next to it had chipped it or what while it was hatching because it did rock it around a lot. I went to sleep worried about it and when I woke up there was a chickie in there! I don't know if that's the same case as your's. I hope it hatches!!! [​IMG]

    Good luck. [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the post about using chemicals as a way to cull . There is no way possible I can imagine or possibly cull a chic other ways . I always just have the Hubby take care of it and not let him tell me what he did . Now I know what to do myself . Thanks
    p.s. Im so sorry you are having to make this decision , I know it can be hard on a soft spirit .
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    This sounds like a prolapsed uterous. I have put them back in young ostrich chicks before but you have to stitch them in as they will just pop out again. With such a small patient you are best to put them out of their misery I am sorry to say. I would recommend you learn some EFT which is a very simple tapping procedure which will allow you to deal with this without becoming emotionally affected.You can learn the procedure by downloading their free manual here.
    Farming eggs or animals will always have times that tug at your heart strings. Good luck.[​IMG]
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    Our first baby goat born here was born with her internal organd comming out of her belly button. My father in law took care of her. It was horrible. Almost overshadowed her brother being bored. I cried.

    Any update on your chick? Did you reinsert? Hows he doing?

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