Help!!!Opened eggs and chick still living!


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Aug 31, 2011
I was cleaning out the incubator and i always check out the dead chicks for an eggtopsy to see what went wrong.Ok my gut told me to open the egg at the air bubble area so i did and then there the little guy was.I was just about to take him out of the egg when boom he moved.I almost dropped him.I left him in the egg but I cut the membrane a little bit on accident.I put a wet wash cloth under him.What should i do now?
your gonna get alot of answers depending on who you ask. Personally i'm a "don't mess with mother nature" type, if a chick was ment to hatch, then it will.

I've had to cull day olds that i've tried to help and just didn't work out anyway. You can try, but don't expect to much. Its a rough time hatching out of an egg.
I've got 4 nice healthy chicks that I helped. I would put a warm damp paper towel over what is left of egg shell and chick and let it be. You may be surprised in the morning
it may be walking around the hatcher.
I had 2 that I helped in the last few days. One spent too much time in the egg and his foot was screwed up. I put him in with the rest and within 30 seconds, the others were picking at it. And...he couldn't get around. I had to cull him. (My wife gave me the: "Don't mess with mothers, especially Mother Nature!" look. the other one, when I helped him out, had a screwed up neck. He was a fiesty one, though. We named him Quasimodo. He died 2 days later...So, I am thinking that the whole mother nature thing might have something to it...

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