Help! Our hen is laying eggs in two seperate peices, shell/yolk!!! advice please!

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  1. justincredible

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    Jun 6, 2012
    Our hen is not laying eggs in the normal fashion. Yesterday we pulled, (she relaxed for us to help) a strange egg colored pod about the length of my pinky finger from her butt. Today it look irratated & yolk was dripping from the anus region.... then she tried to lay, and we found her about to eat her own shell-less egg.....Help!!!
    This is todays example: the flesh colored pod is on the left-side (egg-shell? she typically lays brown eggs).
    If you have any knowledge to p***
    along, please don't hesitate!!!
    -jess gill-

  2. Bumping this post so it appears at the top of the forum again. Good luck And welcome to BYC!
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    Your hens needs extra calcium. I feed mine crushed eggs shells dried out. You can also let her have some cottage cheese. I have one hen who needs more calcium than what is in her feed.
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