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12 Years
Jul 9, 2010
Gulf Coast MS
I didn't know where to put this so it's here. I plan on getting some coronation sussex and lights, as I understand correctly about breeding chickens. I can't breed these because they're brothers & sisters so I will have to get another hen or roo. If I get just another hen or roo to breed with my original group, can I then breed those chicks with my original group or do I need to completely keep the 2 bloodlines separate? At what generation can I breed the 2? I hope that made sense because now I'm getting confused.
I think you can breed sibblings to each other for the first couple of generations but you need to be careful about it if you go farther than that. You can get unwanted recessive genes showing up sometimes.
That's a good chart and just showed me how much I have to learn, It's just chickens, it shouldn't be that hard . Right? I see this is a hobby that's gonna take time but fun in the process.

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