HELP!!!!!! partly absorbed yolk sack, what do i do!!!!

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7 Years
Jul 20, 2012

My African gosling had been in its egg for almost 48 hours so I decided to help, he had absorbed all the blood and he has a partly absorbed yolk sack. None of it is on the outside, I wasn't able to get a picture of its underside, none of it seems to be on the outside. What can I do to help? Will he absorb it? PEASE HELP. When I got him out of the egg there was a little bit of blood coming from it but not a lot, it has stopped now.
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Well now I have a different problem I fed him medicated chick starter feed not knowing it would poison him and now he is weezing and what appears to be choking what can I do!!!!!!
I am new at this kind of stuff too, but I know how frustrating it is to not get an answer on here and then it's too late
. I hope someone can help you, so I'll bump this in hopes that they do.

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