HELP! Pipped chick incubator humidity dropped suddenly...what do I do??!


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Apr 30, 2017
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Hi, first time hatcher here. I have 6 seramas out of 6 that hatched, and I have 2 BC eggs in there as well. It's Day 21.

I had to take one of the seramas out because I have another one in there whose umbilical cord was a little bloody and still attached, and I didn't want the older serama pecking at it. There was a small pip on one of the BC eggshells.

When I went to put the cover back I apparently didn't have it on there all the way and the humidity dropped to 25% for maybe an hour and fifteen minutes. When I realized to my horror what I had done, there was a bigger pipped area with membrane kind of drying and no hole. I immediately added water to the bator and moistened the dried membrane with a Qtip and water.

Now I can see the egg tooth poking against the membrane but it is not poking through. What should I do? Leave it and see what happens? Keep moistening the membrane? Assisted hatching if/when? I don't want this little chick to die because f y stupidity.

Thanks much in advance, any speedy replies will be well appreciated!


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Feb 9, 2015
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Aw you guys are the best!!

OK, so there is like a tiny pinhole in the middle of the membrane. And the exposed membrane is a little bigger than 3mm. I just had hubby take a picture, as soon as I get it I will post it here.

Thanks guys! :love
It should be fine. Chill! :D
Easy for me to say, huh?
You got the humidity back up, right?
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