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Jan 22, 2014
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My 2 1/2 week old emu has one eye that is swollen shut. We noticed 2 days ago that there was a bit of yellow crusty on the top eyelid. Yesterday she was so energetic and full of life, today she is much less active. She is still eating and drinking.

Should I ask a vet to prescribe an antibiotic eyedrop? or would an oral antibiotic be better? (I cannot take her to a vet-but I can ask one to call something in to our pharmacy)
Heres a long name for you but its what I used on mine when he scratched his cornea, my vet called it in for me its Neomycin and polymyxin B sulfates, and bacitracin zinc ophthalmic ointment, usp. Long name, I just copied it off the box, I keep it on hand just in case, good luck!
We started the eye ointment but I am really concerned about her is really rapid, she is almost panting.

~~The vet suggested that I inject Depocillin into her back. This is terrifying to me because I cannot even feel anything on her little back except skin and bones. I couldn't make myself do it not knowing if I am doing it correctly.

I had posted that she was really little and scrawny compared to every video I have watched..she is 3 weeks old tomorrow, and looks like a 1 week old.

Has anyone given penicillin to a chick before, and what would be the best spot for the injection?
I have only givin an injection of baytril in the thigh, but it was on a 8 month old bird, that's where my vet said to do it.
The vet talked me through it...I did the injection in her back. The vet said that there is the femoral nerve that she did not want me to hit in the leg, so to avoid injecting anything there.

The poor dear was up during the night every couple hours eating/drinking & pooping. She is asleep now but im crossing my fingers that the penicillin may help. The vet said that usually swollen eyes are viral, and medication can help with the symptoms but it is up to the birds immune system to take care of the rest. We are hoping and praying that she is strong enough to pull though.

Her eye is swollen completely shut, the erythromycin doesn't seem to have helped any.

The vet said to keep her very warm, & make sure she is eating and drinking ...the rest is up to her little body to fight.

I will do another shot of penicillin later today, and cross my fingers. I feel so so sad for her, she is so lovely and sweet.
Thank you....I bathed her eye in saline and was able to loosen and remove all of the crusty stuff. It doesn't look as swollen or red now so I think the erythromycin ointment is working. Her breathing is much better also it has slowed down a lot, is not as rapid or panting. She is still deep breathing but seems much improved after her penicillin injection.
She is still eating/drinking & pooping and was very playful in short bursts.
I really hope she is out of the woods now, we are crossing our fingers.
She seems much improved today, she is acting silly and was up pretty much all day running about her brooder. She is eating/drinking/pooping normally, Her eye looks much better also, it is opened normally and she is able to see just fine. I don't know if it was the penicillin, erythromycin or the love but something appears to have worked. :)
So glad shes doing better!

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