Help please- growth or tumor on leg

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    Feb 15, 2013
    My hen, Prissy, has had this growth for several months. It is hard, not fleshy. It started about the size of a dime, now like a large grape. It bleeds occasionally, but profusely. (lots of blood in the coop in the morning, and matted in her feathers, etc.) She does not limp, she was laying normal eggs. (until they all started molting about a month ago.) She socializes with all the other hens, until she recently started to POSSIBLY seem to be moving a bit slower. She is very sweet and friendly and doesn't usually run away like the others anyway.

    I brought her in today and washed her legs and inspected her very closely- this is very isolated. She has some areas of feather loss, but is molting. (new feathers coming in in most areas)

    I added a picture of her face because i think her eyes and comb look normal (for a molting chicken.)

    Has anyone ever experienced this? Im wondering tumor v. infection, and what do do about it. Thanks everyone. [​IMG]


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    May 15, 2009
    Does the area on the leg around the lump feel warmer than the other leg? If it is there is probable an infection. If not it's most likely some sort of cancer. Either benign or malignant. [​IMG] Sorry for the bad news. A visit to the vet in my opinion is your best bet to diagnosis the problem. Some vets are very reasonable and you should also inquire about the cost of having her put down when that time comes if you can't do it yourself.
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    After seeing her eyes I think that she has a slight case of Mareks Disease which is tumors caused by the herpes virus.

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