Help please, my favorite rooster is sick, 1 other hen has died, don't know what to do

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  1. Aprox. 5 days ago, my husband had a friend bring us some new young chickens, were all supposed to be female brown egg layers. The chickens are white, some with black specks. Don't know if that matters. I put them in a pen alone. Our other chickens free range they are brown banthams. I noticed that the chickens smelled bad when he brought them, but just attributed that to the fact that he said he had kept them in a covered horse pen with a light. Then about 2 days later, I noticed one of them coughing and sneezing. I called the vet who doesn't know much about chickens, but he said to isolate it, so I did and went the next day and got some tetracycline as he suggested. Wasn't sure about doseage because it was in mg. The closest I could figure was 1 1/2 tsp per gal. The bag said 400-800mg. Dont know if I got it right or not, but have been treating all new chickens with this in the water. About 2 days later the isolated chick died in the night. She was wheezing, sneezing, fluid in nostrils, yellow runny poop, but was eating good and drinking a lot. Then the next day I noticed my favorite free range rooster (bantam) was just standing not being active as usual. Closer look, he had yellow fluid in his nose and mouth and would not eat his favorite treat when I tried to give it to him (pasta). I put him in a big cage on the porch and started treating him with the medicated water and called the vet again, the assistant said to put 1 capful of Wazine in the water also, so I did. He is not drinking much that I can tell or trying to eat much. His eye became matted, but today is better and open, is not sneezing but coughing a little, standing still a lot, yellow runny poop, doesn't smell that I can tell. Don't know what is wrong but I am worried about the 2 African male geese we have had for years, one of them is fairly old and I don't want them getting whatever it is. I'm also worried about the other free range chickens getting it also although none of them have showed signs of sickness yet. Scared my rooster will die. I ordered some Corid 9.6% online but haven't received it yet. I read about it on one of these posts. Please help me, I have spent hours on this dialup trying to research this and am not sure what it could be.

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    I don't have an exact answer for you because so many chicken illnesses have the same symptoms. I do not think Corid is gonna do anything for them though because that is for cocci which is usually just the diarrhea not the respiratory. I think. The best antibiotic powder I have been told a million times to use is dimethoxine. (I think that's how it's spelled) it is 1 teaspoon per gallon I believe.
  3. Thank you so much for replying to my post about my coughing sneezing rooster. I guess that what I have been using tetracycline-duramycin isn't the right thing to use eighter? It is an antibiotic, and I've been giving it to them for about 4 days now, with the wazine wormer. I was afraid to give the wormer since it said on the bottle not to give to sick chickens but the guy told me to go ahead. I'm thinking maybe I should stop the wormer? I guess I'll try to find the med. you suggested, but don't know how much longer he will make it or the (pullet?), young hen I'm treating. It will take a while for the med. to get to me. Anyway thank you I appreciate the help advice. Harry Rooster
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    I've just been through respiratory illness in my flock that I accidentally introduced via a sick bird, doing a forum search for a few phrases of the symtoms or just general words brought up a wealth of information in various past posts with lots of links to websites with excellent information.
    I culled my flock :( :(

    I only saved one link though

    I hope you get some information that helps you to make a decision about your sick birds, it was a stressful few days for me.
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    Duramycin is a fvery weak antibiotic. Use 4 tsp per gallon if you're going to use it.

  6. Update on necropcy report. I've gotten a partial necropsy report today, but they want to do more tests to determine if it is Mareks or Lymphoma, so won't have the results of that for a couple more days or so. The things they did find out though was that they have several kinds of worms, and they do have Coccidiosis. I have the Corid 9.6% but don't know how much to use for pullets and if there's a different dose for Bantam hens and roosters. My favorite rooster that's I've been treating with Tetracycline, ACV and eleltrolytes (for a while), is now much better, but I haven't retruned him to the outside yet. I just found a flat long clear/white worm about 2" or so long on his paper last night and was wondering if it was a tape worm or a round worm. I'm going to get some wormer also and treat them for these things. If you know the dosage for Corid 9.6% please let me know. I was going to put it in their water.

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