Help Please! Something wrong with new chick.

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  1. skydog

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    Mar 15, 2015
    Recently I brought home three chicks from the local Kahoots. Two are healthy, but we are having problems with one.

    It's not a huge surprise, because we brought the chick home thinking she would not make it through the night. The worker at the store had attempted to clean her pasty butt and has completely soaked her from head to toe in water and had put her back in the pen with the other chicks, who attacked her, pecking at her showing skin. We couldn't leave her with a good conscience, and figured that we might as well let her die in peace.

    Well she survived the night and has now made it to day five, but she hasn't seemed to have recovered fully.

    She can eat, drink, and breathe fine, but there is something wrong with her legs. The first day, she couldn't even stand, and now, she can totter a few steps and stand for a couple seconds but besides that is always sitting and sleeping. Also, sometimes when she is standing, she stands on one leg and one hock, kinda sideways. A friend suggested Merak's, but her stool is just fine, she doesn't seem to exhibit any other symptoms, and she seems to be getting stronger everyday.

    Is it possible that she just never developed the right muscles for walking? (She is tiny!) Or is there something more serious going on?

    Thank you so much![​IMG]
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    Mar 26, 2011
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    Welcome to BYC. Please start vitamins right away that contain riboflavin--vitamin B2, to treat her for a riboflavin deficiency. She is too young to show symptoms of Mareks disease. Make sure she is drinking the vitamin water or if you use polyvisol without iron, give 2-3 drops by mouth daily. I hope your little fighter keeps it up, and that the vitamins help.
  4. skydog

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    Mar 15, 2015
    Oh I didn't see that in the picture, her toes are not normally like this, but perhaps that will help. Thank you :)

    They are already on a supplement but I will look into making sure they have everything. Thank you so much!

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