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    I have a broody hen that is about 2 days from hatching, if that. I went out this morning and one of her eggs was on the ground with half the shell missing and the inside had some blood in it. The other eggs were in the nest but we started out with 6 and are now down to 3. I took the eggs from her because she is no longer wanting to set on them. I put them in the incubator but what do I do now??????? I know that most likely a opossum got in there. We have an infestation of them. What do I do about the eggs??????? Please help!!! Oh BTW, I currently have eggs in my incubator already that are on day 8, what do I do?> I only have the one incubator!!!!!!!!

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  2. Since you can't crank up the humidity on the bator with eggs in it, this is what I would do.

    Turn on your oven...very low...and stick your thermometer in there to make sure it is 99-100'ish. Put a large dish of water in it for humidity. Put the eggs in it on a towel and prop the door open around 2 inches.

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