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Apr 22, 2013
Hi. I recently bought 10 chicks. I have them in the cellar right now until there old enough to go out but I have a slight problem. The coop I have right now is not even close to big enough for all my chickens.
I was planning on building a new coop for all my new chicks but I have no carpentry skills. I might as well beat my head against a wall.
LOL. This I did not see as a problem since my father in law is great with carpentry and was willing to help me. Now he is going to have a surgery next week and wont be able to help until after the chicks will be ready to go out side. AND I WONT HAVE ANY WHERE TO PUT MY LADIES. I have been looking online for coop desings but like I said I have no carpentry skills so I need designs the litterally have step by step instructions pics the whole shabang. I have found some but there not big enough for all the chicks or to big or not clear enough instructions. Im going to need a coop and run big enough for 15 chickens. If any one has any advice on good clear and detailed blueprints and instructions I would be very greatful for the help. I need it and ASAP. Thank every one in advance for the help I definitally need it.
A shed is your answer!

You can call up Home Depot or Lowes and they will build it for you. Shingles for the roof and paint may not be included in the price.

I love my plastic shed from Home Depot- but it needed two people to put it together and it was DIFFICULT to put together! (Rubbermaid Big Max). It outgassed for the first summer but once that was over it is great.
So, I would go with a shed for that many chickens. I put up welded wire fencing to make a large area and gave them pallets raised on concrete blocks to hide under. An auto coop door opener, and presto!

I also have a metal shed (which my DH said was hard to put together, too). The metal shed does have condensation in the winter. Both sheds must have the doors open during the day in the summer due to heat. I had to put extra ventilation in also, but sheds are nice in that they can be used for other things if needed.

The plastic shed is double walled and is MUCH warmer in winter.

Here is the plastic one.

Here is the metal one.

For 15 chickens I don't think you would be happy with anything smaller than 60 square feet (my metal shed is 6 x 10).

For the plastic shed, the site must be absolutely positively level. And I am not exaggerating.

I hope this helps.
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Shed is a good idea or click on the coops tab at the top of the page and find the size and design you like. Many of them have blueprints, then use craigslist to find a carpenter to help you.

I recommend having at least 2 coops separated by some distance and perhaps even a small one because inevitably you'll need to quarantine a bird or birds due to injury, illness or when bringing new birds onto the property. It doesn't take a lot longer to handle 2 flocks but it makes managing things like breeding or dealing with broodies or molting birds easier.
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The big box stores also have big wood sheds that they can put together on your property. They can cost up around 800 to 900 bucks or more if want options. Tractor supply has a chicken hutch for 100 dollars and a also a run for another 100. It is boxed up and you need to assemble. Sometimes the local paper has used sheds that someone may be willing to deliver. The best option is of course to buy wood and build a nice size pole construction shed; Yet, you need to know how to use a hammer and saw. Perhaps you can contact a local carpenter or school wood shop as a low cost project? Free wood pallets can be taken apart and the wood used if you are on a budget... It can be a tough thing if you have chicks that are ready to be moved out of the brooder and no coop! Good Luck!


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